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Holy Savior Publisher
Apr 11, 2017

Mickey Wojcik

On March 24, Holy Savior Academy held a Dress Down For a Cause to raise money for Mikey Wojcik. When Mikey was 9, his father died of pancreatic cancer. Now Mikey is 11, and he honors his father’s memory by

Holy Savior Publisher
Apr 11, 2017

Living Stations

South Plainfield, NJ ~ Nia Melvin
During each Lenten season, our eighth-grade class performs the Living Stations. This year’s eighth-grade class really hit it home this year with their heartrending performance. The crowd was brought to tears as we watched

Holy Savior Publisher
Apr 10, 2017

Spring Show Prep

Spring Show - Tap Into News

Holy Savior Publisher
Apr 06, 2017

Storm Champions

South Plainfield, NJ.
    The 5th/6th grade Holy Savior Academy Storm basketball team of South Plainfield captured the Metuchen Diocese Parish League Green Division championship with a thrilling 56-53 victory over Immaculate Conception of Clinton in a game played Saturday, March

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