Academic Excellence

Holy Savior Academy offers a challenging curriculum. Our faculty employs instructional strategies recognizing the unique capabilities and learning styles of every child. These practices nurture the children’s natural abilities and encourage them to thrive as learners.


  1. Empower faculty to uphold high academic standards with professional development, self-assessment, differentiation, and hands-on instruction

  2. Provide instruction, support, and guidance that exceed state requirements, with ample opportunities for students to excel individually and as a group

  3. Utilize current technology to facilitate learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Operational Strength

Holy Savior Academy operates with a balanced budget. We provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for students and faculty.


  1. Maintain transparency regarding the school budget

  2. Establish a fund to address long-term capital needs

  3. Evaluate and refine annual fundraising goals to adapt to the needs of the school.

Using 21st Century Technology to Teach 21st Century Minds.