Mary Hohner

Grade 3 Teacher

I am very happy to be the third-grade teacher at Holy Savior Academy.  I have been teaching for 18 years, and each year is a new adventure!  As a Catholic community, we share our faith every day.  The children participate in daily prayer, and monthly mass and prayer services.  We also put our faith into action through community service projects.  Third grade is a big deal; it is the famous “transition” year.  Young learners work hard from pre-k to 2nd grade to learn how to read, now it is time to read to learn.  Resting on a balance of fiction and nonfiction selections, the third-grade curriculum develops the ability to answer text-based questions and fosters key literacy skills.  We work hard to become fluent readers and competent writers. Math is equally as exciting in third grade.  It is time to multiply and divide.  We discover equivalent fractions, explore perimeter and area, and delve into elapsed time.  The comprehensive curriculum also includes science, social studies, physical education, art, music, library, and Spanish.  My goal is to help my students acquire the academic and social skills needed to become confident, independent, and life-long learners.

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