Technolgy is an integral part of Holy Savior Academy vision and structure. We are one of the very few schools that can boast 1:1 device per child integration from the very early education through eighth grade. This is done through our progressive technology campaigns, with an eye on the future of education and jobs so that we can teach our pupils better, more efficiently and in a way prepare them for the future jobs that have not yet been created. Today, technology is everywhere and in every field. There is no getting around the fact that this evolution has brought about some significant changes in education as well. This is enhanced by increased collaboration between parents/ students/faculty and brought about positive reinforcement of learning new skills. Classroom concept is being flipped as some models call for digital participation and remote learning while reinforcing those learned skills in class. We’re excited that we can be part of this technological evolution and participate in a positive light while focusing on proper use of technologies.


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