Our Pillars

Faith is believing what is true and trusting in that which is unseen. It means:

  • enhancing the everyday spiritual life of our children

  • promoting the development of a strong moral foundation

  • staying committed to our core beliefs when faced with uncertainty

  • doing the right thing even when no one is watching

Scholarship is the pursuit of academic excellence. It means:

  • providing an affordable, comprehensive education that is rigorous, challenging, and prepares students for academic success

  • equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become independent, productive members of society

  • customizing instruction based on individual learning capabilities

  • using technology for enrichment and reinforcement

Respect is a way of treating ourselves and others like we matter. It means:

  • valuing other points of view

  • accepting people as they are

  • being polite and kind

  • being considerate of others’ property

Partnership is the mutual commitment between school and family. It means:

  • promoting the success of our children through consistent parent/guardian involvement

  • nurturing strong parent/guardian-teacher relationships

  • collaborating to foster a strong sense of community and contributing to the development of the whole child

  • holding ourselves accountable to each other

Service is the act of providing a helpful hand to those in need. It is done:

  • for the benefit of the school and surrounding community

  • to make a difference in someone’s life

  • without expecting anything in return

Using 21st Century Technology to Teach 21st Century Minds.

Our Goals

Mission and Catholic Identity

At Holy Savior Academy, we work together as Disciples of Christ to respect, inspire, and foster excellence. We provide an atmosphere in which each individual’s God-given strengths and abilities are developed and nurtured. The school’s Five Pillars – Faith, Scholarship, Respect, Partnership, and Service – are key components of our daily lives.


  1. Incorporate the Mission throughout the school and display the Five Pillars in our classrooms, common areas and in all communications
  2. Encourage a sense of concern for the needs of others through service and moral development
  3. Maintain and promote Catholic Identity in our children that reflect the life, work, and teachings of Jesus Christ while welcoming students and families of all faiths.


Holy Savior Academy is uniquely governed by the collaboration between a Principal and a Board of Limited Jurisdiction (“the Board”). The Board is responsible for finances, facilities management, enrollment, strategic planning, marketing and advancement, while the Principal focuses on matters related to personnel, curriculum development, technology, and other administrative duties. The Board and principal work together to promote, sustain, and ensure the ministry of a quality Catholic School education.


  1. Support the overall mission and vision of the school
  2. Forge a strong partnership with parents/guardians and provide a high level of transparency in the decision making process
  3. Provide long term, sustainable funds to support school initiatives, including but not limited to tuition assistance, capital improvements, and technology innovation.

Academic Excellence

Holy Savior Academy offers a challenging curriculum. Our faculty employs instructional strategies recognizing the unique capabilities and learning styles of every child. These practices nurture the children’s natural abilities and encourage them to thrive as learners.


  1. Empower faculty to uphold high academic standards with professional development, self-assessment, differentiation, and hands-on instruction

  2. Provide instruction, support, and guidance that exceed state requirements, with ample opportunities for students to excel individually and as a group

  3. Utilize current technology to facilitate learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Operational Strength

Holy Savior Academy operates with a balanced budget. We provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for students and faculty.


  1. Maintain transparency regarding the school budget

  2. Establish a fund to address long-term capital needs

  3. Evaluate and refine annual fundraising goals to adapt to the needs of the school.

Using 21st Century Technology to Teach 21st Century Minds.